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BBC Homepage. Finland and Sweden joined in 1995. Norway voted against EU entry in a referendum in the previous year. 2014-04-27 · EU-further enlargement map with past and future applicants.svg 680 × 520; 520 KB EU12-1992-93 European Union map.svg 680 × 520; 515 KB EU15-1995 European Union map enlargement.svg 680 × 520; 515 KB Map of the EU. Click on the image above to get a large version of the map of the European Union. The European Union is currently a conglomeration of 28 European countries, which we will list below.

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Saara Koikkalainen of the University of Lapland and the University of California-Davis discusses the history and current trends of free mobility in Europe. • a substantial increase in the European Union's financial assistance to its partners. a) Free-trade area The free-trade area will be established through the new EuroMediterranean Agreements and free-trade agreements between partners of the European Union. The parties have set 2010 as the target date for the The map below which shows terrorism as a share of total deaths for each country.

EU law.

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Copyright © 1995- 2005  Europe - political map - 1995. Map show: major cities.

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The map only shows the main gas pipelines that supply the EU from third-party countries. As can be seen from the map, the main areas of production are located in Russia, the Caucasus and the North of Africa. The map also includes projects that are currently underway. >15 Dependency on energy imports into the EU, 2009.

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Q: Is it possible to carry out pilot studies for incidental by-catch and/or impact of fisheries on marine habitat, under Chapter III, para 3(c)? (n.b. 'Data for estimating the level of fishing and the impact of fishing activities on marine biological resources and on marine ecosystems, such as effects on non-commercial species, predator-prey relationships and natural mortality of fish Map multiple locations, get transit/walking/driving directions, view live traffic conditions, plan trips, view satellite, aerial and street side imagery.
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Copy link. About sharing. The forerunner to the European Union was formed by six countries in 1952 and now has 28 members The Commission adopts a White Paper on preparing the associated countries of Central and Eastern Europe for integration into the European Union internal Market. 11 The Treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons is extended for an unlimited period (joint action under common foreign and security policy).

The map has included the United Kingdom. The European Union (EU) has expanded a number of times throughout its history by way of the accession of new member states to the Union. To join the EU, a state needs to fulfil economic and political conditions called the Copenhagen criteria (after the Copenhagen summit in June 1993), which require a stable democratic government that respects the rule of law, and its corresponding freedoms and Color-coded map of Europe with European Union member countries, non-member countries, and EU candidates, with international borders, the national capitals, and major cities.
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1119 x 1425 - 353,880k - jpg Sequential maps of the European cultural area. Euratlas Periodis Web shows the history of Europe through a sequence of 21 maps depicting the political situation at the end of each century.

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Powers Europe or SHAPE (in Rocquencourt since 1951) moved to Belgium. of Dr Javier Solana as NATO's first Spanish Secretary Ge Eastern Europe and Central Asia, North Africa and the 1988-1995, 2014- present. Projects: Education 1962-1977, 1995-1999, 2007-present. Projects:  Europe Population: current, historical, and projected population, growth rate, immigration, median age, total Data tables, maps, charts, and live population clock.

12. Latvia . The Republic of Latvia is another Baltic State located in Northern Europe.